New test helps determine recurrence risk for breast cancer patients

One way breast cancer can be divided up is being “hormone receptor positive” or “hormone receptor negative.” Depending on the staging, both types may need chemotherapy.  There is a new test released that may help doctors determine the risk of the cancer returning.  This means from this test, there will be another way to guide treatment based on how low or high the chances are of the cancer coming back. This new test, called Prosigna, is a gene assay that can estimate the risk of breast cancer coming back during the first 5 years after diagnosis is made. 

The test is mainly for patients with a particular staging:

  1. Stage 1 or Stage 2 -- breast cancer with negative lymph nodes
  2. Stage 2 -- breast cancer with positive lymph nodes

The test uses gene expression with some clinical traits to form risk categories and a score.   This test has recently been included in breast cancer guidelines for medical centers to follow at a recent International Breast Cancer conference in Austria this past March 2015. 

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