Can eating nuts Decrease cancer risk?

Patients who ate nuts had a decreased risk of some cancers.  Researchers looked at over 30,000 patients and tried to associate eating nuts with cancer risk.  According to Dr. Wu, one of the lead researchers, “overall, nut intake was associated with a decreased risk of cancer.”  However, Dr. Wu also said more evidence and research is needed to see the relation between nuts and risk of specific cancer types. 

As the researched looked at past data from various centers and did note a lower risk of colorectal cancer in three of the studies, a lower risk of endometrial cancer in two studies, and lower risk of pancreatic cancer in one study.  There is no one particular reason to explain the potential effect of nuts on the risk of cancer. 

There are some limitations of the study, one of which is that people who eat more nuts may just be healthier in other ways that this study did not adjust for. Per Dr. Wu, “more investigations on the role of nuts in each of the cancers examined in the present review are warranted.”

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