What if?

Written by: andrew 

Today we found out that the cancer is gone and my aunt is going to be okay! But that doesn’t decrease the worry about the future… What if it comes back – worse than ever? What if I would then miss saying good by? 

 What if… what if… what if.

 So many questions and so little answers. Who will I go to for support? For my pointless questions that I ask just for fun? For anything and everything…

 I guess all that I can do is support her, decrease her own personal stress, and spend as much time as I can with her, all the while making memories that will always be by my side. 

My "Abuelita" 

Written by: Nana's baby 

My grandmamma is over 90 years old!!!!  We never thought she would have another birthday after 85, but we just celebrated her 91st birthday!  Life was really hard when we found out.  But, my abuelita is so great and went to the doctors who helped her so much.  I even got to go with her a couple of times and held her hand.  She used to have to go every week, but now we take her every 3 months just to make sure she looks good.  The doctors are really nice and always make sure she is taking care of herself.  Cancer can be scarey, but can be treated- so stay positive. 

Going Through It Together

Written by: Katie

I wonder what things would be like if I hadn’t had my brother by my side.

When my father first told me that his mother was diagnosed with cancer, I didn’t know whom I could confide in. Since I am really close to my grandmother, everyone was dreading to tell me the news.

Luckily, my brother was there. He was equally if not even more close to her. He understood my pain and worries. So, everyday I went to his room and just talked about life for a few hours. Thankfully he was there for me. If he wasn’t, I honestly don't know what would’ve happened.

I realized with this whole situation that when a tragedy like this occurs within a family, it is important to share your feelings. It is even more important, to stay together and support each other. If you don’t do both of those things, you can never stand up against the problem and feel better one day.

My grandmother is now doing better. And the only way I got through everything was by talking to my brother everyday and sharing my feelings. And now, we are closer than ever. 

My Father

Written by: Anonymous

I was 13 years old when my father told me that he was diagnosed with cancer. My little sister was too young to understand, and I technically was too. But at that point of time, I had to be strong for my sister and my father, as my mother passed away a few years ago. The only thing that came to mind when my father told me this news was: what will life be like a few years from now? Will I have to be the only person in my little sister’s life? Will I have a parent?

Now I am 15. I am stronger and I am wiser. I am also more educated about cancer. Thankfully my father is a survivor now and a fighter. But so are my sister and I. Just as he went through the actual surgeries and therapies, we went through the appointments and witnessing his times of trouble. Our family has gone through a lot of problems and we have come out of them with victory.

I am proud to be part of such a strong family and I am proud to be a teenager against cancer. Our generation will finish the fight.