Our Story

During her first and his last year of high school, Eesha and Aneesh Chona found out that their mother was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. This news not only changed their lives while their mother was receiving treatment, but also altered their daily lives in the long term. Emotions, actions, diets, daily schedules, home life, social life, school life, basically everything was and is still affected. During the time of their mother’s diagnosis and treatment, Eesha and Aneesh felt that it was wrong to focus on themselves, rather that they should focus on their mother as she was the one who was diagnosed with cancer. Despite it being true, they denied the fact that when someone is diagnosed with cancer, everyone around him or her is diagnosed as well.  So, Eesha and Aneesh didn't play the victim through this difficult time. Instead, they comforted and consoled each other as siblings and as individuals who understood each other’s plight. While that did work at the time, they decided to come together, and share their experience and feelings with each other and with the world.  Therefore, to prevent their own situation from occurring in any other child and teenager’s life, they both decided to create a place and an outlet where children can go to feel supported, educated, and understood, because without a community, no one can feel at home. And without a home, no one can feel happy. ATAC is built to provide an understanding community for children who may not have one at home due to strenuous circumstances. It is a place for friends who share and care.

ATAC is truly committed to making an unprecedented impact.


ATAC has an international footprint–where currently demand for support is high and supply is low

ATAC currently and actively supports international organizations, donates money, and provides strategic support to developing countries in order to remove barriers to preventative measures for cancer. See our investing in families page for pictures.


ATAC provides support to individuals who currently do not have any: the children whose parents have cancer

Realizing the need for support among these individuals, ATAC has made it its mission support everybody who is impacted by cancer. Through more support, more change can be made.


ATAC strives to provide only the most accurate information about cancer–there is no room for misinformation

Currently, many resources on the internet can provide misinformation that can only lead to unnecessary stress. We believe the right information should be available in accessible place.

Travel With Eesha

Follow Eesha's journey as she writes about her ongoing experiences with her Mother's breast cancer. Her stories are uploaded monthly targeting a specific topic that all children go through once their parent has cancer. Thank you to Bay Area Cancer Connections for publishing Eesha's stories and giving support to ATAC's cause. To continue following her story, click here, and share yours here!